At the Party - USE

You will receive detailed setup instructions with your rental.  And here, you can find our online instructions.

We have invested in premium transmitters and headsets so we can proudly offer a range up to 300 meters. 

On a full charge, each headset can last up to 10 hours. All headsets will arrive fully charged and each kit will contain a set of spare chargers if needed. 

The Rental Process

Each rental comes with pre­-charged headsets, three (3) transmitters, power cables, charging units and complete cabling for connecting to an audio source. We also include detailed instructions on how to set everything up. The GRUVLINK kit is a complete set of equipment needed to throw your successful silent disco event. 

Your GRUVLINK kit will arrive a couple days prior to your event (unless you’ve made special arrangements). You will be required to send the kit back the following business day. We include prepaid postage so sending the kit back is as easy as dropping it off at your local UPS or requesting local pickup. 

Our initial quotes are for single day rentals. However we do offer multi­day rental packages, please contact our team for multi­day rental options. 

Our team inspects and confirms each headset is fully functional before shipping to your event. However, if a headset is not working properly please reference our setup and best practices guide provided in the GRUVLINK kit. If you are unable to address the issue, place the headset aside and use one of the extra units supplied. Please note, we also offer a direct support line for rented equipment and are always happy to assist.

What if headsets are lost, damaged or stolen? Please report lost/damaged items immediately. The cost to replace items that not returned properly are listed in the rental agreement. 

Not at this time but, we are developing a resource to post links to playlists and dj sets from past GRUVLINK parties.